What is Suspension Turque?

Suspension Turque is a form of suspension bondage that originated in France. It involves suspending a person in the air using ropes or other forms of restraints. Unlike other forms of suspension bondage, such as shibari, Suspension Turque emphasizes the use of rotational movement rather than static suspension.

The History of Suspension Turque

Suspension Turque was first developed in the 1970s in France by magician and rope enthusiast Jean Bardot. Bardot combined his love of magic with his fascination with rope bondage to create this unique form of suspension. Today, Suspension Turque is practiced by rope enthusiasts all over the world.

Types of Suspension Turque

Static Suspension

Static Suspension involves suspending a person in a stationary position. This can be achieved using ropes or other restraints, and the person is held in place without any movement. While this type of suspension can be visually striking, it is not typically used in Suspension Turque.

Rotational Suspension

Rotational Suspension is the hallmark of Suspension Turque. It involves suspending a person in the air and then rotating them along an axis. This creates a unique and dynamic visual experience, as well as providing a physical challenge for the person being suspended.

Dynamic Suspension

Dynamic Suspension is a type of Suspension Turque that involves the suspended person creating movement while suspended. This can include swinging, twisting, and other movements that add to the visual experience and physical challenge.

The Risks and Safety Considerations of Suspension Turque

Suspension Turque is an advanced form of rope bondage that poses significant risks to the person being suspended. These risks include nerve damage, circulation issues, and falls. It is critical that those who practice Suspension Turque have advanced knowledge of rope techniques, anatomy, and safety considerations.

Preparation and Communication

Preparation and communication are critical in ensuring the safety of those practicing Suspension Turque. The person being suspended should be thoroughly vetted for any medical issues that may impact their ability to be suspended safely. Additionally, communication between the suspended person and their partner(s) is crucial in ensuring that the person being suspended is comfortable and safe at all times.

Equipment and Gear

The equipment used in Suspension Turque is also critical to ensuring the safety of the participants. Ropes used should be strong enough to support the weight of the suspended person and should be routinely inspected for damage. Harnesses and other restraints should be secured correctly and checked prior to suspension.

Training and Education

Finally, proper training and education are essential to ensuring the safety of those practicing Suspension Turque. Those who wish to explore this form of rope bondage should seek out experienced suspensions practitioners for guidance and training.

The Art and Beauty of Suspension Turque

Despite the risks involved, Suspension Turque is a beautiful and compelling form of rope bondage. The rotational movement adds a unique visual element to the experience, and when done correctly, can be a transcendental experience for both the suspended person and their partner(s).

Freedom and Trust

One of the most profound aspects of Suspension Turque is the sense of freedom it can provide to the suspended person. Being suspended in the air provides a unique perspective and can be a liberating experience for the person being suspended. Additionally, Suspension Turque requires an incredible level of trust between the participants, creating a deep sense of intimacy and connection.

The Aesthetics of Suspension Turque

Finally, Suspension Turque is an incredibly visually striking form of rope bondage. The movement and suspension create a unique and aesthetically beautiful piece of performance art that can be enjoyed by both the participants and spectators.

Suspension Turque is a fascinating and complex form of rope bondage that has captivated practitioners and enthusiasts alike. While it poses significant risks, with the proper training, education, and safety considerations, it can be a safe and rewarding experience for those who practice it. Ultimately, Suspension Turque provides a unique and beautiful expression of human connection, freedom, and trust.

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