Kartell is a renowned Italian brand known for its innovative and stylish furniture designs. Established in 1949, Kartell has always been at the forefront of contemporary furniture design. Their furniture collections are characterized by their bold use of color, sleek lines, and unique shapes.

Why Choose Kartell Furniture?

Kartell’s furniture pieces are designed not just for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their functionality, durability, and practicality. Kartell’s designers are constantly pushing the boundaries of design, while keeping in mind the needs of their customers. This has resulted in furniture pieces that are not only beautiful to look at, but are also functional and long-lasting.

One of the reasons why Kartell furniture is so popular is because of the range of colors that their pieces come in. Whether you’re looking for a bright pop of color or a more neutral palette, Kartell has something for everyone. The brand also uses a variety of materials in their designs, including plastic, glass, and metal.

Finding a Kartell Stockist in the UK

Kartell has made it easy for customers to find their nearest stockist in the UK. The brand has a dedicated page on their website where you can search for stockists by location. Simply enter your postcode or city, and you’ll be presented with a list of stores that carry Kartell furniture in your area.

Alternatively, you can also purchase Kartell furniture online through various retailers. This is a convenient option, especially if you live in an area where there are no Kartell stockists nearby.

Popular Kartell Furniture Pieces

Some of the most popular Kartell furniture pieces include:

  • Componibili Modular Units
  • Louis Ghost Chair
  • Masters Chair
  • Bourgie Table Lamp
  • FL/Y Suspension Lamp
  • Bubble Club Sofa

Each of these pieces has a unique design and is available in a variety of colors and materials. They are perfect for adding a touch of contemporary style to any home or office.

If you’re looking for innovative and stylish furniture pieces, then Kartell is definitely worth checking out. With a wide range of products available in a variety of colors and materials, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to furnish your home or office, Kartell’s furniture pieces are sure to impress.

So why not take a look at Kartell’s website, find your nearest stockist, and add a touch of contemporary style to your interior décor.

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