If you have installed an air conditioner in your home before, you may have a lot of complaints. A certain brand is noisy, consumes a lot of electricity, and has poor heating. First of all, each brand has good and junk goods. Secondly, the poor experience is probably because you did not choose the right air conditioner. . I have been researching air conditioners for several months. In this article, I will talk to you about the choice of air conditioners in the living room, such as variable frequency or fixed frequency, how many horses are, how to choose between on-hook, cabinet and air duct machines, etc.

Frequency conversion, fixed frequency

The operating power of the fixed-frequency air conditioner is constant. When it reaches the set temperature, it will stop. After the temperature changes by 2 degrees, it will start again. It runs repeatedly, and the comfort is poor. obvious. The power of the inverter air conditioner varies. When it reaches the set temperature, it will reduce the power to run. After reaching the set temperature, it will maintain the room temperature with the appropriate power, continue to run, will not shut down, and will not be hot and cold. , the comfort level is high.

Is the fixed frequency machine durable? Relatively speaking, due to the need to repeatedly start and stop the compressor, the life of the compressor is not as good as that of the inverter. However, the circuit of the fixed-frequency machine is simple, and the board is not easy to break. For air conditioners, the external board is the most likely to be damaged, and the life of the compressor is not a big problem, so the fixed-frequency machine is more durable. In addition, the maintenance cost of the fixed-frequency machine is cheap. Even if the board is broken, there are many general-purpose boards, and most of the fixed-frequency machines use R22 refrigerant. The price of the refrigerant is very cheap, which is 1/3 of the R410a.

The inverter has stronger performance. Inverter air conditioners generally use R410a or R32 refrigerant, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also has high pressure during operation, high heat conversion efficiency, and a high energy efficiency ratio at minus several degrees. In addition, the power range of the inverter is large, such as 2P fixed frequency heating generally 1600W, and 2P variable frequency heating generally 300-2600W, when running at high power, the effect is not inferior to 3P fixed frequency.

The living room chooses frequency conversion or fixed frequency? 1. The living room does not have high requirements for temperature control, and the fixed frequency is cheap and durable, which is a cost-effective choice; 2. It is recommended to buy a frequency conversion, which has low power consumption and good heating effect, and can cope with the environment within minus 5 degrees in winter. If the fixed frequency of R22 is lower than 0 degrees, the heating effect will not work.

On-hook, cabinet, central air conditioner

Hang up.

The biggest advantage of on-hook is that it does not take up space. The disadvantage is that the installation position is very picky. The heating effect in winter is poor, and it is difficult to hit the hot air to the ground. There are not many choices for a 2-hp 3-hp large on-hook. The frequency within 4000 is basically fixed frequency, and the effect No, if the living room area is within 30 square meters and there is a suitable installation location, you can consider 2 or 3 on-hook, focusing on several models from Fujitsu and Hitachi.


The heating effect is the strongest, but the disadvantage is that it takes up space and affects the beauty of the decoration style. When heating in winter, the cabinet can adjust the air deflector to force the hot air to the ground. With the large air volume, the living room heats up quickly. The choice of the living room cabinet, the effect is the first, the power saving is second, and the energy efficiency of the small brand is four to five thousand grades. On the other hand, the cylindrical appearance is beautiful, but the air outlet is too low to blow people, and the experience of the traditional square is better.

Central air conditioning.

It does not take up space, it is perfectly combined with the ceiling, and it is the choice of high-end decoration. Multi-connection only takes up one air-conditioning unit, such as one for five, one large outdoor unit, you can get three bedrooms + living room (dining room), pay attention to multi-connection single-opening is too power-consuming, at least two open. The air duct machine is a one-for-one central air conditioner. Most of them are fixed frequency and consume a lot of electricity, but they are cheap. They are the first choice for many family guest restaurant air conditioners. However, regardless of the multi-connector or the duct machine, the return air method of side feeding and upper return is generally adopted. Even if there are air guide blades at the air supply outlet, the head will be hot and the feet will be cold during heating. It takes a long time to warm the whole. Room. If conditions permit, you can guide the return air vent above the skirting line, the heating effect is the best, but requires a more professional design.


The central air conditioner is beautiful and comfortable, but it needs to be turned on for a long time to be effective, and it consumes a lot of electricity, which is suitable for wealthy people. The heating effect of the cabinet mechanism is the best, but the space is not beautiful, but the cabinet is still the first choice for heating and cooling in most family living rooms. It is recommended not to save money. You must buy a frequency conversion cabinet. Don’t buy small brands. On-hook is suitable for small living rooms, you can choose a large number of Japanese horses, and the effect is also very good.

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