The living room is the focal point of a family. We also need to consider the details of every decoration in the living room. In the purchase of lamps, there are actually many things to pay attention to, such as the shape of lamps, the height of lamps, etc., which will affect us. The overall decorative effect of the living room, then let’s take a detailed look at the lighting purchasing skills.

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Main lighting

We first determine the choice of main lighting according to the decoration style of the room. If it is a modern and simple decoration style, then we can choose a simple ceiling lamp, a slightly gorgeous chandelier, and creative modern lighting, etc. ; Of course, if it is a gorgeous European-style decoration, then choose a gorgeous chandelier to match, so as to show the overall atmospheric texture.

The main light carries the lighting work of the whole living room, so when we choose the main light, we must choose the appropriate light according to the size of the living room, not too bright or too dark.

The main lamp in the living room can also be the kind of lamp with a warm texture, so that when family members or guests come to the house, they can also feel a kind of enthusiasm.

Local lighting design

Of course, in addition to the main lights, many families also choose auxiliary lights for decoration. It should be noted that auxiliary lights are mainly used for decoration, making the living room look more warm and comfortable, while lighting is secondary. In addition, some auxiliary wall lamps can be used to add a gorgeous and atmospheric texture to the room.

Lamp size and size selection

The choice of crystal lamp size

When we are decorating, we need to pay attention to a golden section. The value of the golden section is 0.618. Then when we consider the choice of crystal lamps, we must also consider the best aesthetic design of this golden section. For a living room of 10-25 square meters, it is recommended to buy a crystal lamp of about 1 meter, which will have a better aesthetic sense; if it is more than 30 square meters, you can choose 1.5 meters or more.

The choice of crystal lamp height

The height of the crystal ceiling lamp is between 30-40 cm, the height of the crystal chandelier is about 70 cm, and the height of the empty crystal chandelier is between 150-180 cm. In the living room, we should ensure that there is a space of 2 meters below the lamps. If it is a dining room, we should ensure that there is a space of 1.8-1.9 meters. We can choose the height of the crystal lamp according to this standard.

Space utilization problem

Nowadays, in many flat-floor rooms, the height of the room is generally less than 3 meters. If a crystal lamp is hung, the remaining space will not be high. Moreover, the crystal lamp is generally installed above the coffee table. In this way, when we walk, we can avoid the crystal lamp well, so as not to be too close to the head.

The above is an introduction to the precautions for the purchase of lamps. I hope the introduction of this article can bring you some inspiration. When we buy lamps, we must combine the specific conditions of the room and the expected effect of decoration. Don’t be imaginative and install whatever lights feel good, it will only make the room more ugly.

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