Moving to a new house is a great event for people, and it means the beginning of a beautiful new life. So what housewarming gifts should you give your friends when they move into their new home? The following is a list of the most popular eight moving gifts for you, including small household appliances, handicraft ornaments, air purifiers, red wine or champagne, projectors, green plants, etc. Among these housewarming gifts, which gift is the most popular What about your favor?

Home appliances

What is a good gift for a friend to move to a new house? I think small appliances are good. Nowadays, there are many small appliances used at home, such as: smart speakers, projectors, humidifiers, coffee machines, cooking machines, etc. These practical and delicate small appliances are good gifts for friends as housewarming gifts. choose. When buying small appliances, try to choose a versatile style in terms of appearance, so that you can use it no matter what style your friend’s home is. Secondly, in terms of brand, try to choose a familiar brand, which is more atmospheric.

Handicraft ornaments

When moving to give gifts to friends, everyone hopes to give a good-looking gift, which can decorate the new home of friends, and give the new home the icing on the cake. Handicraft ornaments have become the common choice of the majority of netizens, and are one of the top ten most suitable moving gifts for people. Choose a decorative ornament that is consistent with the overall style of your friend’s new home. I believe that no one will refuse such a sincere gift.

Air purifier

What is a good gift for moving to a new house? For moving into a new house, the most feared thing is the “odor” in the new house, which is the hidden “formaldehyde killer” in the room. Traditional window ventilation has been difficult to meet the formaldehyde removal needs of new homes, but the combination of air purifiers and window ventilation can not only quickly remove formaldehyde, but also avoid formaldehyde from harming health. So if you are planning to buy a gift as a housewarming gift, an air purifier is undoubtedly the best choice.

Red wine or Champagne

On such an important and solemn day as moving to a new house and conserving a house, it is inevitable to invite relatives and friends to celebrate together, and it is natural to have a drink to celebrate at the dinner table. So we can buy a nice bottle of red wine or champagne to celebrate after our friends move into their new home.


The joy of moving to a new house, it is best to choose some high-tech and face-saving things. What gift is good for my friend Wen Ju? If the air purifier can improve the happiness at home, then the editor thinks that the projector, a household item that is popular in every family today, is of course indispensable. On weekends or nights, lying in bed watching your favorite movies is not everyone’s dream life, it is a must-have item in every family home.

Green plants

Moving to a new house is one of life’s great joys. After all, now that house prices are rising day by day, it is not easy to buy a house on your own. So what’s a good housewarming gift? The editor thinks that green plants are a good choice, which can not only decorate the new home, but also purify the air in the home, which is pleasing to the eye. You can send some green plants with good meaning, such as fortune tree and happiness tree, I believe this will be a good gift.


Moving is a festive event. As a friend, what gift is good for moving? The cutlery is actually pretty good. This gift is definitely one of the most practical and a daily must-have. Therefore, it is very suitable to send a set of tableware that pays equal attention to both appearance and practicality. You can also choose to customize some styles and patterns according to your friends’ preferences. When your friends receive this gift, they will definitely feel your intentions.


When friends move, they will go to congratulate each other, or prepare a small gift, or prepare a bouquet of flowers. Among the many gifts, flowers will never go out of style, especially when moving into a new home, placing a bunch of flowers on the dining room table or the coffee table in the living room is both beautiful and comfortable. Some flowers with good meaning and long flowering period are preferred, such as lilies, roses, phalaenopsis, anthuriums, etc., which are more suitable.

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