Oluce is a prestigious Italian lighting designer brand that has been in existence since 1945. The company is known for its high-end, contemporary lighting designs that blend artful aesthetics with functional yigo lighting technology. Among the most popular pieces from Oluce’s collection is the Oluce Attolo – a stunning table lamp that has become an iconic piece of contemporary interior décor. This article takes a closer look at the design of the Oluce Attolo and what makes it such a unique and coveted piece of lighting.

The Oluce Attolo Design

The Oluce Attolo is a sleek, minimalist table lamp that features a cylindrical base and a thin cylindrical stem that holds the light source. The design of the Attolo is inspired by the simplicity of Japanese Zen gardens. The lamp is crafted from anodized aluminum, which gives it a metallic sheen and a durable, yet lightweight construction. The lamp is available in two sizes; the smaller table lamp stands at 35 cm in height, while the larger option measures 50 cm tall.

The Attolo’s Innovative Lighting Technology

The Oluce Attolo is not just a stylish piece of furniture; it is also a highly functional lighting source. The lamp uses LED technology, which provides an energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting solution. The lamp’s light source is mounted on a perforated shield that diffuses the light, casting a soft glow that fills the surrounding area. The quality of the light allows the Attolo to function as both a task light and a mood light, making it perfect for use in the bedroom, living room, or home office.

Why is the Oluce Attolo So Iconic?

The Oluce Attolo has become an iconic piece of lighting due to its exceptional design and quality. The lamp is favored by many interior designers and featured in various international museums, including the Triennale Design Museum of Milan, Italy. The Attolo’s unique design has also been recognized with several awards, including the Compasso d’Oro in 2014 and the Wallpaper award in 2015.

The Oluce Attolo is a timeless piece of lighting that combines style, functionality, and innovation. Its minimalist design and cutting-edge lighting technology make it a favorite of interior designers and homeowners alike. Whether you’re in search of a task light for your home o

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