Hallways are often forgotten spaces when it comes to home decor and lighting. However, they are an important part of any home that connects every room together. An illuminated hallway not only adds flair to your home, but it also provides an essential function. Installing long ceiling lights in your hallway is an excellent way to improve the overall ambiance and functionality of your space.

Advantages of Long Ceiling Lights for Hallway

Long ceiling lights offer several benefits for a hallway, including:

1. Better Illumination

Long ceiling lights provide better illumination throughout the entire hallway because they have multiple bulbs or light sources that can adequately light up even the longest and widest hallways.

2. Energy-Efficient

Long ceiling lights are energy-efficient, making them a more practical choice compared to other types of lighting. They use less energy, and LED lights can last up to 25 years, meaning you won’t have to replace your lights anytime soon.

3. Stylish Design

Long ceiling lights come in various designs, making it easy to choose one that fits your hallway’s aesthetics or matches your decor style. You can choose from minimalist designs to ornate or even avant-garde styles.

4. Space-Saving

Long ceiling lights are an excellent option for hallways that have limited space. Since they are installed on the ceiling, they don’t take up any floor space or wall space.

Types of Long Ceiling Lights

When it comes to long ceiling lights, there are various types to choose from. Some of the common ones include:

1. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are an elegant type of ceiling light that adds grandeur to any space. They feature multiple branches with bulbs attached to them, and they can span across long hallways.

2. Flush Mounts

Flush mounts are a popular choice because they are versatile and can fit in with any decor style. They are mounted directly to the ceiling and come in various sizes and designs.

3. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights can add a touch of sophistication to any hallway. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be hung at different heights, adding a dramatic effect to your space.

4. Linear Lights

Linear lights are long, narrow lighting fixtures that are perfect for long hallways. They can be mounted flush to the ceiling, suspended, or even recessed.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Long Ceiling Lights for Hallway

Before making a purchase, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

1. Size of the Hallway

The size of your hallway will determine the right size of ceiling lights to install. A long hallway will require a more extended light fixture, while a narrow one will need a compact or slender one.

2. Ceiling Height

Ceiling height is another crucial factor to consider. Higher ceilings require chandeliers or pendant lights that can be suspended at different heights. Flush mount lighting fixtures are ideal for lower ceilings.

3. Lighting Needs

Consider your hallway’s lighting needs. Do you need bright lighting or mood lighting? The right lighting can enhance your hallway’s ambiance and make it a more welcoming space.

4. Decor Style

The decor of your home and hallway is also a crucial factor to consider. Choose a lighting fixture that complements your room’s style and adds to its overall aesthetic.

Installation of Long Ceiling Lights for Hallway

Installing long ceiling lights in your hallway is an easy process that can be done by following these simple steps:

1. Turn Off the Power

Make sure to turn off the power before installing your ceiling lights. This will prevent any accidents from occurring.

2. Select the Right Fixture

Select a fixture that fits your hallway space and aligns with your decor style.

3. Attach the Fixture

Attach the fixture to the ceiling using screws, making sure it is level.

4. Connect the Wires

Connect the wires of the lighting fixture to the power source using wire nuts. Cover them with a cap.

5. Test the Light

Before installing the cover and bulb, turn the power back on to test the light.


Long ceiling lights are an excellent choice for illuminating your hallway in style. With the many options available, you can choose a fixture that fits your decor and meets your lighting needs. Investing in long ceiling lights will add value to your home, make it more attractive, and provide a functional purpose.

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