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The African American design movement is growing in the United States, and designers from this community are making their mark in the industry. Women from different backgrounds are finding success in the industry, and there are many ways to support their work. Black women entrepreneurs have been able to forge successful paths in the industry, but they must overcome systemic barriers to advance. We need to share our vision and our business acumen in order to create new opportunities for ourselves and others.

Sheila Bridges

Sheila Bridges is an interior designer with a unique background in African-American culture. She has had her work featured in magazines like Architectural Digest and The New York Times. She has been in the industry for more than two decades. She is known for her timeless and narrative-rich designs.

Sheila Bridges has a long list of accomplishments and is well known for her savvy use of color and style. Her eponymous interior design company is based in Harlem, and her clients include Tom Clancy and Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs. She has also been featured in many publications, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. In addition, her work has been featured in traditional home magazines like Traditional Home, Domino, and Oprah.

The fabrics used in Bridges’ designs are inspired by 18th-century French textiles. In her work, Bridges often uses toile to depict the African-American experience. In one pattern, she depicts girls dancing double dutch and boys playing basketball. She also uses the images of famous African Americans such as Jackie Robinson and Wilt Chamberlain to challenge stereotypes.

Laquita Tate

Laquita Tate is an African American interior designer based in Memphis, Tennessee. She designs and creates stunning designs that emphasize the power of styling. She has worked as a principal in Memphis, Tennessee, before launching her own design studio, Laquita Tate Interior Styling and Designs. Tate began designing interiors during her free time after school. In fact, she even designed the school she is now the Principal of.

In addition to her work as a designer, Tate has also served as the managing director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s Entrepreneurial Resource Center. This organization provides free business resources and supports community innovation. She has also published a book, Curate the Home You’re In, which inspires homeowners to fall in love with their space.

The interior design industry is notorious for its lack of diversity. Many black designers feel disadvantaged. However, the lack of diversity is a problem that can only be solved by the next generation. The design community has a responsibility to provide a platform for the underrepresented.

Michel Smith Boyd

Michel Smith Boyd is an interior designer and artist. He has designed a line of rugs for Z Gallerie. His designs draw inspiration from Art Deco and African textiles. His work has been featured in many design magazines. His designs include the Syd collection, Totem collection, Miles collection, and Torrie collection.

Michel Smith Boyd’s signature style is sumptuous and layered. His work has been featured in Elle Decor, Traditional Home, Vogue, Ebony, and The Washington Post. He has also been featured on Bravo’s Buying it Blind. His style has been recognized by numerous awards, including the prestigious CFDA.

Everick + Lisa Walker Brown

Lisa Walker Brown and Everick Brown were childhood sweethearts who stayed in touch despite their far-flung distance. Their relationship lasted almost two decades, and the couple married in 2016. Lisa Walker Brown and Everick Brown work together on their award-winning interior design firm, Everick + Lisa Walker Brown Design. Their designs are known for mixing old and new objects.

The Everick + Lisa Walker Brown interior design firm specializes in creating sophisticated, welcoming spaces that are both comfortable and elegant. Their unique approach is rooted in approachable luxury and tailored to the individual client. This husband-and-wife team of interior designers has a passion for creating timeless, classic spaces that express their clients’ individuality. Principal designer Lorna Gross believes that great design is comforting and individualised, and she has a knack for unearthing statement pieces.

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