gatto piccolo lamp

Designed in the early 1960’s, the Gatto Piccolo table lamp is a bohemian marvel that deserves to be appreciated for its classic design and organic shape. It is a great choice for an accent lamp as its rounded form and smooth body are conducive to a relaxing atmosphere. The Flos brand adorns its base, and you will also find a dimmable LED light bulb included.

In order to create a cool-looking lamp, the Castiglioni brothers opted to go with a structurally functional “cocoon” that is sprayed with a soft webby resin. This gives the lamp a smooth finish and allows the light to be manipulated with an electronic dimmer on the cable. The internal steel structure is also coated with a white powder coat.

The most interesting part of the Gatto is its sculpted “cocoon” and the way it translates into a warm, mellow and diffused light. To help you achieve this, the Gatto is available in two sizes. The smaller of the two consists of a slender structure with an oval-shaped neck that culminates in a hot air balloon-like form. A dimmable 10W LED bulb is installed into the unit and the base is topped off with a Flos-branded octagonal shade.

In the spirit of the Gatto, the Flos brand has added a smattering of style and whimsy to the venerable table lamp. The original design by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni was made in the 1960’s and is still a design icon. The modern version is a far cry from the sombre predecessor.

Flos has taken the “cocoon” idea and has incorporated it into the modern Gatto in the most elegant of ways. The internal steel structure is sprayed with a unique “cocoon” resin and this unique material produces a cool-looking and cosy light. The same resin has been used in interior design for over 60 years and is still able to create a warm and comforting ambience.

The Gatto Piccolo table lamp is the right size for an accent lamp, and is an elegant design that is well suited for a living room or a bedroom. It is the modern heir to the famous Nelson Bubble lamp of the late 1940’s. The Flos brand is the proud manufacturer of this finely crafted table lamp. This is the best way to illuminate a corner of your home with the right amount of light without compromising your style. If you want a modern table lamp that will stand out in a crowd, you should consider purchasing a Gatto from Flos. Whether you choose the smaller or the larger Gatto, you will be sure to enjoy the quality workmanship and stylish design. The Flos brand has a long history of producing lighting, and this is the latest addition to their illustrious line.

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