marcel wanders skygarden light

Flos Skygarden is a unique pendant light designed by Marcel Wanders. The light is reminiscent of classical and traditional Rococo design, but is modern and minimalist in style. The light features a simple metal frame and is surrounded by a hand-cut crystal. This unique design is available in both pendant and recessed versions.

Replica Flos Skygarden Pendant

Flos Skygarden Pendant by Marcel Wander is one of the most recognizable lighting designs of the last decade. Its innovative design has been replicated by replica companies like Mica Lighting. However, there are a few things to know about the light.

The sky garden pendant is a mechanically worked cast plaster lamp shade. The design is inspired by FLOS lighting collection and is a mix of classic and modern design. The pendant is available in white, black, rust/brown and gold opal. The body is made of plaster, while the shade is lacquered white.

Modern minimalist style with traditional classical beauty

Whether you are planning a new home or just re-decorating your current space, a minimalist style can make your space both elegant and functional. Minimalist interiors emphasize quality over quantity and are clean, airy and spacious.

Minimalists often use soft, muted colors and textures. You can create a minimalist aesthetic by avoiding too much ornamentation and focusing on the mood of your space. A minimalist design is also a great choice if you have a lot of natural light. This light provides warmth and coziness in your space.

Replica Flos Skygarden Recessed

Designed by Marcel Wanders, the Flos Skygarden Recessed is a perfect way to add a little drama to your dining area. This sleek luminaire is designed to cast light down and is made of a hemisphere-shaped cast plaster diffuser. Its blown opal glass and LED light source are both worthy of attention. It is designed for both residential and commercial applications.

As a designer, Marcel Wanders is known for his inimitable style. He often leaves the minimalist path in order to design something that is both functional and whimsical. The skygarden is a cleverly designed recessed luminaire that is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Its bell-shaped exterior is complemented by neo-baroque decorations.

Marcel Wanders’s work includes creating bespoke hides and designing crystal game boards

Among his many accolades, Marcel Wanders is credited with designing one of the coolest looking crystal game boards in the world. This game is a homage to the classic game of chess and is an impressive feat of engineering in both the design and execution senses. Its sleek, modern look reflects Wanders’s signature design sensibilities.

The game is also accompanied by a matching pair of trays, each crafted from Canaletto walnut. It comes with all the usuals, such as twenty black and twenty clear crystal coins.

Marcel Wanders’s work is defined as contemporary Rococo

Despite his young age, Wanders has already made a name for himself with his work. He has designed products and interiors for several major brands, including Alessi, Bisazza, Louis Vuitton, and Poliform. He also co-founded the design firm Moooi.

He has a penchant for romantic and surreal design. He believes design should be overstated and a bit whimsical. His jewelry reflects his desire to make design look different and unexpected. His work often reinterprets historical archetypes.

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